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  • One-step solution for multiple platforms
  • No charges for App or ePub Development
  • Expand your reach to global readers
  • Free technology updates
  • Web panel to view live reports

AppsPublisher is committed to encourage and assist publishers and authors become a part of the digital publishing revolution. We use the SAAS model to enable publishers and writers to take advantage of digital publishing by converting, uploading, distributing and marketing their books to all the major mobile and tablet platforms at nominal rates. Our SAAS model works on a revenue-sharing basis: we take care of the complete process for a nominal fee and revenue sharing on sales.

Our SAAS model is a comprehensive, one-stop solution to your mobile publishing needs. All we require from you is a MS Word or PDF format file of your book; we will pass the book through rigorous content authoring process and convert it into 5 major formats for the different smartphones and tablets. Thereafter, we will deliver your book to AppStore, iBookStore, Android Market, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook. This process will be completed within 48–72 hours of your sending us your book, and your eBook will be available to millions of readers across the world.

AppPublisher is completely responsible for keeping your eBook in tune with the latest technological updates. We also provide you with an online panel on our website to manage your profile and inventory; you can also track sales and view your financial report on this panel. Our marketing team also promotes your books through different channels, targeting young tech-savvy users in America, UK and Europe. Not only do we enhance, convert, publish your books across all major mobile and web platforms, but also provide effective branding advantage to your eBooks.

Contact us now and talk to our experts to find out how you can augment your revenue generating efforts through our SAAS program.

How it work?

Get in touch with us and tell us about your mobile publishing needs. We offer eBook conversion and mobile publishing services for five major platforms: Apple App Store, iBook Store, Amazon Kindle, Android Market and Barnes & Noble Nook. You can choose to subscribe simultaneously for all the platforms, or you can select any one or more of the platforms.
After you sign the agreement and complete the process of subscription, we will provide you with an account on our control panel. Access your account, fill in the important details regarding the book, and upload the digital copy of your book. Now you can sit back and relax, we take care of everything from here onwards.
We convert the digital copy of your book to different formats, add enhanced eBook features and publish them on the selected platforms. You do not have to pay any platform license fee or app development cost, but we charge you a negligible amount for content authoring if you want to have ePub file of a book.
You can now keep a keen eye on the sales of your eBook across multiple platform. Simply log on to your account on our control panel to access the sales reports. You will get daily, weekly or monthly sales reports, depending on the platform on which the book is published.