While the standard ePub format, with its reflowable text, is perfect for text-heavy books, it’s not so great for digital books and documents with a large number of images. Readers cannot enjoy image-centric books and comics in the ePud format: they cannot zoom in on images, nor see images as well as they can on paper, and the reading experience is below-par.

As a solution to this problem, Apple has created a new format called ‘fixed-layout ePub’. This format is similar to ordinary ePubs, but the layout is fixed and it supports high-resolution images and animation. Using this format, AppPublisher creates fixed-layout ePubs for iPhone and iPad. eBooks in these formats give a smooth and seamless experience to readers, and publishers of coffee table books, children’s books, comics, magazines, cook books, brochures, photo albums, and catalogues can substantially enhance reader experience and increase eBook sales by converting their books to this special Apple format.

Fixed-Layout ePub Conversion and AppsPublsiher

Unlike creating an ePub from a MS Word or PDF file, creating a fixed-layout ePub is a painstaking process. At AppsPublisher, we work hard on positioning images, controlling the layout and embedding fonts to ensure that the fixed-layout ePub perfectly replicates the printed version of the book. Additionally, we exploit the facility provided by fixed-layout ePubs to imbue your eBooks with pertinent user-friendly features and functionalities:

  • Enable zooming for images and text
  • Ensure that color and graphics faithfully represent the original
  • Resize images to meet Apple requirements
  • Enable multi-column text pages
  • Support text search, dictionary linking and thumbnail navigation
  • Embed audio and video

Note the difference between the pages below. The first image is a PDF page from the public domain book [Enter book name], by [Enter author name]. underneath it, you can see the photograph of the same page in Apple fixed-layout format as seen on an iPad.

[Enter first image: PDF version]

[Enter second image: Fixed-layout version]

Hassle-Free Fixed-Layout ePub Process

Creating a fixed-layout ePub is a complicated task, but we make it very simple for you. All you need to do is send us a MS Word or PDF file of the book. We will make all the necessary changes and conversions, and ensure that the final product appeals to the eyes of iPhone and iPad users. We don’t charge a hefty flat-rate per book, but charge you on the basis of the number of pages and elements in the eBook: you pay only for the work we actually do.

ePub creation / conversion / formatting cost Cost In USD ($)
Up to 10 pages $ 149.99
10 to 20 pages $ 249.99
20 to 30 pages $ 349.99
more than 30 pages Custom Quote

Do you have an image-heavy book that the ePub format cannot do justice to? We would love to turn your book into a fixed-layout ePub that reads perfectly on Apple devices. You can rely on us for quick, efficient and affordable conversion services.

Get in touch with us [link] and find out how our Apple fixed-layout conversion services can help you profit from the millions of people readering on iPhone and iPad.