• Fixed Layout Capability
  • Embed Audio And Video
  • Support for HTML and CSS3
  • Text on Background Images
  • Kindle Panel View & Kindle Text Pop Up
  • Floating Elements like Text Boxes or Images
  • Superior Display of Images, Graphs, Tables and Lists
  • High Resolutions For Images in Comics and Graphic Novels
  • Drop Caps, Nested Tables, Callouts, Sidebars, and Numbered Lists

Amazon sold 5 million Kindle Fire tablets within six weeks of release it. Kindle is the most popular eReader: Amazon has gobbled up over 75% of the eBook market share. In US, eBooks sales have outstripped the combined sales of hardcover and paperback books. The new Kindle Fire with its color screen has taken the digital publishing world by storm. While previous versions of Kindle were more appropriate for reading text-heavy eBooks, Kindle Fire is fantastic for reading image-centric eBooks.

Kindle Format 8 (KF8), Amazon’s next-generation file format, offers over 150 enhancements and formatting capabilities. Among other things, this new format makes it possible for developers to use HTML and CSS to create first-rate fixed layout eBooks. The fixed layout format is ideal for comics, graphic novels, children’s books, cookbooks, coffee table books, and technical books (with graphs and diagrams). Currently, this format is available for Kindle Fire; in a few months it will be available for other Kindle devices.

KF8 Book Conversion at AppsPublisher

AppsPublisher has converted distributed thousands of eBooks to previous Kindle versions (using .mobi format). We are pleased to announce that we now offer eBook conversion to KF8. Our longstanding experience in eBook conversion stands us in good stead, and the eBooks get the benefit of advanced Amazon KF8 features.

Leveraging these advanced features, we create attractive and reader-friendly eBooks for Kindle. While the existing .mobi format will not be scrapped, KF8 support will be extended to previous Kindle versions, and KF8 will be the preferred format for upcoming Kindle devices. If you are planning to develop an interactive eBook for Amazon Kindle, we can use the new format to deliver exceptional results. For image-centric books, the new KF8 is a blessing as it enables you create feature-rich eBooks that replicate your print books.

Get in touch with us and tells us about your needs. Find out how our Amazon KF8 book conversion services can help your create books that sweep your readers off their feet!