SaaS Model

One step solution for e-Publishing

SAAS model is designed to enable publishers & authors to take advantage of mobile publishing by converting, uploading, distributing and marketing their books.

eBook Production

eBook conversion services

At AppsPublisher we operate like clock work, and help you to setup scalable eBook products process. We customize and manage eBook production process for your unique content.

ePub Conversion

ePub production service

AppsPublisher has the exact combination of industry knowledge and technical expertise to convert your books into enhanced ePub.

Fixed layout ePub

Children’s book & comics

At AppsPublisher, we work hard on positioning images, controlling the layout and embedding fonts to ensure that the fixed-layout ePub perfectly replicates the printed version of the book.

Amazon KF8 Development

Supports comics and storybooks

Kindle Format 8 (KF8), Amazon’s next-generation file format, offers over 150 enhancements and formatting capabilities.