• Advance eBook Reader
  • Social Sharing Functionality
  • Refer a Fried
  • Shelf / List View
  • Multiple Books
  • Free / Paid Books with In-App Purchase
  • Landscape / Portrait Mode Support

The immense popularity of iPhone and iPad is affecting publishers worldwide. Over 50 million readers can read books over iPhone and iPad, and they are clamoring for digital books that work perfectly on their Apple devices. While Apple’s iBooks is gradually growing as the source of eBooks, it is Apple’s App Store that remains the biggest digital source of revenue to publishers and authors.

In-App Purchase eBook Reader App

iPhone users and iPad users are addicted to apps, and constantly ask ‘Is there an app for this?’. Your product, no matter what it is, has a better chance of selling if you build an app for it. To enable our clients to maximize their readership, we have developed a groundbreaking application named ‘In App Purchase eReader’. iPhone and iPad can download this app, user can download multiple books through the app.

What you will get out of it?
  • You can distribute an application containing the list of your books for free, and you can charge for individual titles.
  • Through a single application, you market and promote several books.
  • You can remove titles and add new titles to the app, the updates will be automatically sent to the user. This app will never get outdated.
  • If your publishing house has a large number of titles on the same topic, or if you have a number of books by the same author, you can publish them under a single application.

Books Apps Development at AppsPublisher

AppPublisher’s seasoned eBook development and design teams have the right blend of creativity and technical expertise to imbue your books with interactive media, animation and sound. Understandably, such ‘book apps’ are all the rage on the App Store, and they have opened up a lucrative new channel of revenue for traditional publishers.

Our parent company, IndiaNIC, has been involved with iPhone application development process (developed over 1700 apps), and this makes us the ideal choice for developing book apps. All you need to do is give us a MSWord, OpenOfficeWriter or PDF format of your book, tell us what special audio, video and animation idea you would like to implement, and we will take care of the whole process that follows (including app submission, approval and marketing).