• Multiple comics under one application
  • In-App Purchase functionality
  • Book Shelf
  • Panel view to read and zoom individual comic dialogue panel
  • Previous Next panel / page slide using touch screen

Millions of people read eBooks on their iPhone and iPad, but this number pales in comparison to the number of people who read comic books and comic strips on their Apple devices. Comic books, by their very nature, have striking images and few words of dialogue. While some readers find it difficult to read large chunks of text on their iPhones, not many are averse to reading comics on their smartphone. And if you can make your comics interactive and entertaining, you will find that it is not too difficult to find a place in the hearts (and iPhones and iPads) of your readers.

AppsPublisher has created an innovative product that allows you to provide a mesmerizing digital experience to your readers. Comic Reader comes with a vast variety of interactive features that facilitate a richer and more engaging comic reading experience for your readers:

All you need to do is provide us with the PDF file or digital images of your comics (png, jpeg, gif), and we will enable all the above mentioned functionalities in your comic eBook. The final version will be in .app format, and Comic Reader will make it work seamlessly on iPhones and iPads.

In App Purchase for Comic eBooks

In addition to enhancing the comic reading experience for readers, we also help comic book publishers by building special apps for them and publishing them on the App Store. While iBooks is gradually making its mark in the market, App Store remains the best bet when it comes to making sales.

We build apps that offer allow the readers to browse your books within the app, view details regarding the books, search for books by categories (bestselling titles, author, recently added), manage books and eventually convince them to the buy the book from within the app. Developing an app using a ‘bundle’ of books is a smart way to market your books, build your brand and open up new channels of revenue.

Benefits of In App Purchase
  • Build one application, promote and market hundreds of books
  • Distribute the app for free to entice users, charge for the individual comics they buy
  • As you can add new books and remove old books from the app (updates sent automatically to the user), the app will never get outdated.
  • If you have a series of comics with the same characters to with a single chain of events, you can make them available to the reader through this single app.

Get in touch with us [link] and talk to our experts to find out how you can increase your sales and build brand loyalty using our Comic Reader products.