Interested in selling your content on mobile platforms? If you own the digital rights to your content – be it one title, a thousand titles, or more – we can make it happen. As a AppsPublisher author or publisher, you’ll have the option to choose your business model, protect your content, and connect with readers in more than 200 countries around the world.

What is AppsPublisher?
AppsPublisher is a Mobile Publishing wing of IndiaNIC, which is a well established Mobile, Web and Software solutions provider since 1997. AppsPublisher is aimed to provide easy and cost effective mobile publishing service to authors and publishers round the globe and open new revenue stream.
What's included in AppsPublisher Service portfolio?
AppsPublisher includes various services to help authors / publishers to mobilize their content on different mobile & digital platforms. Main stream of service includes SaaS model and eBook Production Outsourcing services (HTML, XML, ePub and Amazon format conversion)
What is the difference between SaaS model and eBook Production service?
SaaS model is a complete service to serve end-to-end mobile publishing needs including content authoring, conversion to different eBooks formats, publishing it to different mobile platform and maketing of your content. Where eBook Production service is aimed to provide production service of different eBooks formats, and cost is charged on no. of pages and elements.
How to subscribe with SaaS model OR how i can publish books through AppsPublisher?
It’s a simple process,
  • you need to sign an agreement with us for the platforms (AppStore, iBooks, Amazon KDP, Android Marketplace or Barnes & Noble) you want to publish your content / books. You can select single or more platforms to go with.
  • You will be provided with account login details of Web Control Panel. Through which you can submit your content in PDF, In-Design or DOC format. You can also send us a disc as well.
  • We will convert your content to ePub, XML, Kindle Format, iOS App and Android APK file, and publish it to respected format
  • You can check your sales and revenue live through Web Control Panel.

What is the cost to distribute my eBooks through AppsPublisher?
You just need to pay for the production efforts which is based on the no. of page and elements included in a book. There is no charges for platform licence, ePub conversion or Application development or maintenance.
What are the provisions for copyrights and the type of agreement?
Type of Agreement: No Exclusivity. This Agreement is not exclusive and does not impose any obligation or restrictions on either party with respect to competing business relationships or opportunities.

Copyrights: All rights, title and interest in and to the ownership of all intellectual property including copyrights and trademarks used in connection with the Inventory are the property of Publisher.

How do I track my sales and revenue?
After you sign off the contact we give you access to our online control panel. The Sales Report section gives you powerful daily / weekly / monthly / yearly sales reports.
We get daily sales report for Appstore/ iBookstore.. for all other platforms you will get the comprehensive financial report at the end of the month.
How do I get paid?
Each mobile platform / app market / retail channel / online store have different Policy for Financial report & payments: Financial reports are distributed to AppsPublisher once a month which generally available for a given month by the end of the following month. Each mobile platform / app market / retail channel / online store makes payments to approximately 30 days after the end of the month, and no later than 60 days after month’s end, assuming all requirements for payment have been met.
You can receive royalty payments from AppsPublisher in the following ways:
  • The minimum threshold for getting paid is $25 USD.
  • For wire-transfer the minimum threshold for getting paid is $100 USD.