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An increasingly large number of tech-savvy readers choose to read books digitally. AppsPublisher enhances, converts, distributes, protects, markets and manages your books on diverse eBook platforms. Our eBooks development and publishing services ensure that readers can find and buy your books from every major web and mobile platform.

We convert your Books / Content to eBooks format and make them available to a vast number of readers on a wide range of mobiles and tablets, including Kindle, iPhone and iPad, Google Android, Sony eBook Reader, and Barnes & Noble Nook. Our in-depth understanding and experience with different mobile and tablet platforms stands us in good stead, enabling us to harness the power of latest technology to market and deliver your books to the rising number of readers.

What we offer?

SaaS Model

One step solution for e-Publishing

SAAS model is designed to enable publishers & authors to take advantage of mobile publishing by converting, uploading, distributing and marketing their books.

eBook Production

eBook conversion services

At AppsPublisher we operate like clock work, and help you to setup scalable eBook products process for all major mobile platforms.

Ereader Apps

White label Apps for Apple and Android

eReader which enhances user experience, as well as have advance functionality like, page curl, panel view for comic, book mark, search and supports video, audio and advance formatting.

Why choose us?

Multiple platforms at one go
Your books can be available on all five platform in one go which includes iBookstore, AppStore, Amazon, Android and Barnes & Noble.
No investment to start with
There is no upfront charges for eBook conversion, Application development as we work on revenue sharing bases. You need to pay us if you want any eBook format to use it elsewhere or for archive purpose.
Always align with latest technology
The eBook industry is still in initial stage the new technologies, formats, platforms are getting improved day by day, AppsPublisher will help you to be align with latest technologies and upgrades.
Support for regional languages
We support multilingual content for which you just need have content with UNICODE fonts, and rest will be taken care by AppsPublisher.

How it work?

Get in touch with us and tell us about your mobile publishing needs. We offer eBook conversion and mobile publishing services for five major platforms: Apple App Store, iBook Store, Amazon Kindle, Android Market and Barnes & Noble Nook. You can choose to subscribe simultaneously for all the platforms, or you can select any one or more of the platforms.
After you sign the agreement and complete the process of subscription, we will provide you with an account on our control panel. Access your account, fill in the important details regarding the book, and upload the digital copy of your book. Now you can sit back and relax, we take care of everything from here onwards.
We convert the digital copy of your book to different formats, add enhanced eBook features and publish them on the selected platforms. You do not have to pay any platform license fee or app development cost, but we charge you a negligible amount for content authoring if you want to have ePub file of a book.
You can now keep a keen eye on the sales of your eBook across multiple platform. Simply log on to your account on our control panel to access the sales reports. You will get daily, weekly or monthly sales reports, depending on the platform on which the book is published.